Miel van Micromiel zoekt beïnvloeders.
Belgisch, online, into high tech,…
Ik kan me toch wel in de meeste vereisten van het profiel vinden.

  • First amongst friends to try new products/services
  • Likes taking risks
  • Spends a lot of time out and about or online with friends
  • Friends ask them for opinions when buying things
  • Pursues a life of challenge, novelty and change
  • Is always looking for new products/services to try
  • Has a channel to broadcast opinions
  • Has a certain following/network tuned in to that channel
  • Has a keen sense of adventure
  • Seizes opportunities when they arise
  • Is an optimist
  • Is interested in other cultures

Dus Miel, count me in!

Als ik volgens jou ook aan dat profiel voldoe natuurlijk.

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