Vista ate my profile


Yesterday evening I just closed my machine as usual: nice and clean.
Since I’m running Ubuntu in dual boot, I want to have the dual boot option every time I start up.
So no hibernate anymore.

Yesterday I also found out that my touchpad didn’t behave.
So I uninstalled and re-installed the Synaptics touchpad Windows Vista driver.
I better hadn’t.

When I booted the machine today, I choosen Vista.
No problem so far.
I choose my username, password,… The works.

Vista is setting up the desktop
Believe me, you don’t like that.
A blank profile was my part.
Thank you Bill Gates.

It’s gonna take me months before I get it all the same.
The good news is that my profile is cured from something nasty that went into the registry.
Now it’s Ferarri power again.
Thank you Bill Gates!

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