Being welcome is the best feeling there is


This morning in my inbox:

Dear Mr. Wannes De Loor,

Please accept our love and best wishes.

We are in receipt of your email and noted the contents.  Your plan is perfectly alright, you can take your own decisions and be free.  From our side we don’t have any strict programme or plan for your stay at our hospital.  Regarding your visiting the other parts of India etc., will be finalized when you arrive at Bangalore. 

Since I was away from the headquarters and I couldn’t reply you earlier.  But there was a reply from me and I am afraid due to technical reason the email has comeback.  Any way, never mind, feels free and we are all there with you to make your programme a grand success.

Dear Wannes, please convey our special greetings to your parents and grand parents. 

May God bless you.

Thanking you,

Yours in the Service of the Lord,

(Swami Japananda)


I’m so looking forward to it, you can’t imagine.

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