Open Office shortcuts


A new world opened today by finding the shortcuts for headings and bullets!

  • Heading:
    • ctrl-1 = heading 1
    • ctrl-2 = heading 2
    • ctrl-3 = heading 3
  • Bullets: shift – F12

Since I have a lot of schoolwork to make, I’m spending more time than wanted in my office suite.
I was used to Word2007 and his shortcuts, but didn’t found them yet in Open Office.
Untill today!

I’m kinda fond off making a good use of titles and headings in documents, just to be able to easily create the index.
These two small tricks will spare me a lot of frustration and clicking, I say!

Any other shortcuts I should be aware off?

*     *

PS: In Microsoft’s word you can just ctrl – arrow left/right to change the title style…