Do it anyway


I want to lift something that I could’t lift yesterday with chalk all over me while I listen to scary music surrounded by people I love doing the same thing as me. I don’t want to run, or thruster, or row…ever. But it’s those things I don’t want to do that make me better, so I do it anyway.

Most of the time I would rather shave my most sensitive areas with Icy Hot than do fifteen minutes of auxiliary work with hollow-rocking, or v-uping, or whatever-ing. But auxiliary work is the stuff that lets me keep doing the stuff I love, so I do it anyway.

I don’t care how right, or how charming K-star is, I never feel compelled to shove a lacrosse ball up my ass and call it mobility, but whatever, supple feels way better than stiff, so I do it anyway.
I really don’t want to correct your Snatch flaw for the millionth time. I know you know the problem as well as I do, and I know it’s killing you that your body won’t do what your brain demands and that I see it every time. But I also know that if I keep trying, so will you, and that we will get it together, so I do it anyway.
I don’t go home at night and think of ways to point fingers and judge my friends. I remember that they asked for my help, and that help like mine is often unpopular. There is no such things as “CrossFitter’s hours”, it’s all CrossFit and all about standards. Standards never tire, people do. No matter how much you hate me for my help, I do it anyway.

Most days I love Paleo living, it comes as easy as breathing, but sometimes I can smell pizza from a state away, and every once in a great while I would step on your throat for a double cheeseburger. But, it’s not about what feels good right this second, it’s about what is good today, tomorrow, and for years to come, so even when Paleo doesn’t sound as good as Dominos, I do it anyway.

There are lots of logical reasons to do the things we should be doing but logic is too complicated sometimes. Logic says the right thing but says it without the voice of reason, and sometimes the only reason you need to hear is-”DO IT ANYWAY.

Motivational truth by Crossfit Hero Kristof Backx