Steve Jobs, you’re wrong


Dear Steve

I believe you’re a little mistaken when you created the finder.
Sorry, you must have been mistaken when you updated the Finder, every now and then.
Let me explain.

I have a folder with a rather deep hierarchy.
Seven levels deep, 36 folders wide.
I want to add one file to each folder.
So I use the same hierarchy and want to copy paste the shizzle and get it merged.
After all, I’m a Windows-born-switcher.

I get one option.
Your option.
To replace the existing folders with the new ones.

Wait. Replace?
Means: move to trash.
No, it turns out: Move beyond trash.

Well Steve.
I appreciate your decision making mindf*cks most of the time.
But this one is IMHO kinda unacceptable.
Would love to see it fixed in whatever update you may do.


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