Wannes, somebody was comparing you to your friends


1st  more talkative 100%
1st  more adventurous 85%
1st  rather be trapped on a desert island with 100%
1st  more entertaining 100%
1st  a better smile 100%
1st  kinder 100%
2nd  rather travel with 100%
2nd  better hair 100%
2nd  happier person 100%
2nd  am I more jealous of 100%
2nd  better friend 100%
3rd  better dancer 100%
3rd  more likely to succeed 100%
3rd  would make a better father 88%
3rd  better public speaker 100%
3rd  a better body 100%
3rd  rather sleep with 83%

 Eerlijk? Ik durf daar gelukkig van worden…

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